" It's at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys."
- Emil Zatopek

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Training 7/30 to 8/5

7/30 Monday: 7 miles in 53 minutes

Easing running around Haverhill with Heather.

7/31 Tuesday: 8.3 miles in 59 minutes

Early morning running over to Winnekenni. 

8/1 Wednesday: 10 miles in 75 minutes

Easy treadmill running at home. I hate the treadmill.

8/2 Thursday: AM: 10 miles in 71 minutes  PM: 5 miles in 39 minutes

AM: Rattlesnake Hill loop. Felt pretty good.

PM: Easy running with Heather 

8/3 Friday: 4 miles in 32 minutes

Very easy shake out run on the treadmill.

8/4 Saturday: 10 miles in 70 minutes

6.5 miles of warm up and down.  Raced 3.5 miles in 18:33. I felt ten times better this weekend compared to last weekend. I put the race away early, Heather tried to keep up. But she couldn't :) Congrats to Heather on her second place overall finish (first female). Results

8/5 Sunday: 17 miles in one hour and 59 minutes

Interesting run today. It was very hot by the time I got out there. I didn't feel all that good, but the pace stayed about 7 minutes the whole way. I also had a near miss with a deer that decided to charge me while I was cutting through Winnekenni. Crazy. 

Total Miles: 71.3

Training 7/23 to 7/29

7/23 Monday: 5 miles in 40 minutes

7/24 Tuesday: 8 miles in 62 minutes

7/25 Wednesday: 10 miles in 80 minutes

7/26 Thursday: AM: 5 miles in 40 minutes  PM: 7 miles in 53 minutes

7/27 Friday: OFF

7/28 Saturday: 11 miles in 76 minutes

Warm-up and down for 6 miles plus five miles of racing at the St Annes Lake Race in Hampstead NH. This course was a tough one! Plus I think I still had marathon legs. I felt pretty awful right off the start and pretty much never got going. I ended up third in 28:06. Results

7/29 Sunday: Off

Recovering from my Bachelor party!

Total Miles: 46

A down week coming off the marathon.

Training 7/16 to 7/22

7/16 Monday: 7 miles in 55 minutes

7/17 Tuesday: 5 miles in 40 minutes

7/18 Wednesday: AM: 5 miles in 40 minutes PM: 6.1 miles in 45 minutes

7/19 Thursday: OFF

7/20 Friday: 5 miles in 37 minutes

7/21 Saturday: 26.7 miles in 3 hours and 28 minutes

Ran the Bear Brook Trail Marathon. This was my first long distance trail race and it was awesome! I tried to run conservative and keep myself hydrated and eating solids at each aid station. All went well with a first place finish and no issues.

7/22 Sunday: OFF

Total Miles: 55

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Training 7/9 to 7/15

7/9 Monday: 7 miles in 52 minutes

Easy running.

7/10 Tuesday: 10.4 miles in 74 minutes

Easy running up into the center of Andover. Felt pretty good.

7/11 Wednesday: OFF

I have been taking a off day almost every week. Why stop now?

7/12 Thursday: 10 miles in 69 minutes

Ran over to Winnekenni this afternoon. Exciting run through downtown Haverhill. All of Haverhill's finest were out in full effect. I got called a few choice names and even saw some domestic abuse. I love Haverhill.

7/13 Friday: 7 miles in 49 minutes

Early morning run around Haverhill. It is so much more pleasant when the townies are still in bed.

7/14 Saturday: 11 miles in 77 minutes

Heather and I went over to South Hamilton, MA to run the Greenbelts Run For the Hills 10k trail race. I had a great fun time despite the deer flies being so awful. I ran away from the pack at about 1.5 miles and never saw any challengers after that. Heather also ran pretty well taking 2nd overall in the woman's race. Results

7/15 Sunday: 18.1 miles in 2 hours and 6 minutes

A nice solid long run around Haverhill. I felt really good and the pace stayed solid throughout.

Total Miles: 63.5

Monday, July 9, 2012

Training 7/2 to 7/8

7/2 Monday: 6 miles in 46 minutes

Easy running in Haverhill. Did the first few miles with Heather.

7/3 Tuesday: 8 miles in 63 minutes

Ran towards Andover Center. Not feeling so good. I am pretty sure I am getting sick.

7/4 Wednesday: OFF

Sick! Always on holidays and vacations. Heather dragged me out of the house for lunch up in Newburyport.

7/5 Thursday: 10 miles in 78 minutes

Ran the Rattlesnake hill loop. Took it pretty easy today after being sick yesterday.

7/6 Friday: 10 miles in 73 minutes

Another solid run today. Feeling much better. I ran my way up into Andover Center.

7/7 Saturday: 17 miles in 1 hour and 58 minutes

Got out pretty early before it got to hot. Ran the Bradford Valentines 5 miler loop as part of my run through the area. The pace was solid despite feeling like I was moving slow, so I will take it.

7/8 Sunday: 9 miles in 68 minutes

Easy running on the treadmill while Heather went long with a group in Derry. Then it was off to the beach with friends and the kids for a fun day in the sun!

Total Miles: 60 

Not too bad considering I was sick and missed a day of running. The last 4 days of the week were really solid. Need to find a race to run.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Training 6/25 to 7/1

6/25 Monday: OFF 

A good day for a day off. I haven't had one in a while so today will do.

6/26 Tuesday: 10 miles in 70 minutes

Rattlesnake Hill loop. Felt solid and the pace came easy.

6/27 Wednesday: 10.4 in 74 minutes

I ran up into Andover Center today. Kept things pretty easy and stayed relaxed. A solid run.

6/28 Thursday: AM: 5 miles in 40 minutes PM: 9 miles in 67 minutes

AM: Easy running on the treadmill before work.

PM: Running around on the trails of Winnekenni. Had a pretty nice run, a few deer flies but not to bad. Lots of people out there enjoying the beautiful evening.

6/29 Friday: 8.6 miles 61 minutes

Today I made my way up towards Andover Center. Had a good run, until some little chubby kid had to yell "Run Forest Run". Ha..... original!

6/30 Saturday: 7.2 miles in 55 minutes

Easy running in the early morning with Heather, before it got too hot! We ran out to some of the dirt roads in Campton. It was a good run and nice to get it done so early.  We spent the rest of the day out on Squam Lake with Caitlyn. We had a blast staying cool in and on the water!

7/1 Sunday: 16 miles in 2 hours and 45 minutes

Heather and I ran with Jim Johnson and Kevin Tilton in the Pemi Wilderness today. Kevin and Jim were doing the full Pemi Loop.  We got an early start, out of the parking lot at 7:15am, and headed out towards Bond Cliff. It was easy running for the first 5 miles, then we started going up. Heather turned back at an hour and I continued on for a bit more. After multiple stream crossings we hit some real ups, like staircase ups. At about an hour and 35 minutes in I turned around and headed back the same way. I hit the flats pretty good and got back to the parking lot in a total time of 2 hours and 45 minutes (1:35 out and up 1:10 back and down). It was a great time and next time I hope to have more time to enjoy the full loop!

Total Miles: 66.2

A great week of running! I got in a day off, some good milage, and an awesome run with friends.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Training 6/18 to 6/24

6/18 Monday: 7 miles in 54 minutes

I took it easy today and ran the Shawsheen River trails. I was still feeling Saturdays run a bit in the legs so taking it easy was a good idea. I ended up running a couple of miles with another guy I ran into just as I hit trails. Great day to be out there running!

6/19 Tuesday: 10 miles in 72 minutes

I ran the Rattlesnake Hill loop today. I felt pretty solid today and the miles came pretty easy.

6/20 Wednesday: 9 miles in 68 minutes

Easy running on the treadmill at home. It was nice and cool in the basement. Better than getting fried out there on the roads!

6/21 Thursday: 8.1 miles in 57 minutes

Got outside today.....yeah, it was a hot one! The pace was pretty solid at the end with my last 4 miles well under 7 minute pace. I was surprised how easy the pace came considering it was so warm. Saw three turkeys, a rabit, and chased a wiener dog (just returning the favor). Not a bad run an a hot day.

6/22 Friday: 5 miles in 38 minutes

Early morning running on the treadmill at home.

6/23 Saturday: 8.5 miles in 61 minutes

Easy running with Heather and Seth on Block Island. We headed up to the northern end of the island. All miles under 7 minute pace coming back. Felt pretty good.

6/24 Sunday: 13 miles in 88 minutes

Long run on Block Island. I ran around the southern end of the island and hit up some of the dirt roads that cross the rural areas of the island. I dropped the pace down pretty good and averaged 6:45 for the whole run. The last mile went by in 5:54. A good solid run!

Total Miles: 60.6

Another solid week to build off of. Got to keep it up and keep getting out the door!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Racing Update

Since taking a break from posting I ran a few races. The races results are linked on the right side of the Blog. See below for the details.

5/5/12: Pittsburgh Half Marathon: 17th place in 1:15:08

I had a great time in Pittsburgh and had fun getting the"Elite Athlete" experience.  The only bad part of the weekend was the race its self. I knew I was in trouble early and the "flat and fast" course ended up being challenging and slow. Even though my time was pretty slow and I destroyed my foot with some nasty blisters I still had a fun time. The crowds were awesome and having great friends there made it even better!

5/19/12: Bedford 12k USATFNE Championship: 31st place in 41:06 

I decided to run this race despite taking some time off to allow the foot to heal and to recover from Pittsburgh. I ran hard and hung on the best I could, but knew I would not be able to run close to my past performances. I had a great time seeing teammates past and present and enjoyed the race overall.

5/27/12 Baldi River Run 5 miler: 1st place in 27:23

This was my first time running the Baldi River Run. I figured the the race was in my hometown and I've never done it, so I might as well check it out. The race went out pretty relaxed and I just tucked in behind the leader for the first couple miles. I then took the lead as the pace slowed a bit. I pushed the pace down over the last three miles and won the race by about a minute. I ran faster splits as the race went on. This was a good confidence booster!

6/10/12 Exeter Trail Races (10 Miler): 1st place in 69:36

This was the first trail race of a few that I have planned for this year. I did not know the course at all, so my plan was to go out with the leader and hang on if I could and make a move late in the race. The race runs over so awesome terrain with mostly technical single track trails, and a couple awesome bridges! The race went out pretty easy and I settled in behind the leader and put it on cruise control.  The pace was still pretty quick and there were a few points I wondered if I would be able to make a move. At almost an hour into the race a made a move when we hit a small incline and the pace slowed. I put my head down and ran as hard as I could manage for about the next 5 minutes. I soon hit the Camel Humps and made the charge for home.....then I wiped out good! Picked myself up and got to the finish in 1:09:36. I had a blast and can't wait to do some more trail races!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Training 6/11 to 6/17

Long time no update! Running has been a bit touch and go since my disaster in Pittsburgh. Stress and long hours at work, multiple injuries (including an unfortunate whiffle ball injury),  feeling under the weather, and a death in the family put running on the back burner for a bit. In the next week or so I will post some brief updates on races and training since my last update. For now I will post my current week.

6/11 Monday: 6 miles in 48 minutes

Easy running in Winnekenni with Heather. Felt pretty beat up after the trail race on Sunday. My back and right ankle are tight and sore.

6/12 Tuesday: 8 miles in 59 minutes

Easy running from home. ran out to Crystal lake and back. Saw a raccoon on my run....at bit closer than I would have liked. Still feeling a bit beat up from the race.

6/13 Wednesday: 8.4 miles in 60 minutes

Easy running from work. I ran out towards Andover Center and back in the poring rain. It was actually quite fun! Decent run and I felt much better today.

6/14 Thursday: 10 miles in 71 minutes

Rattlesnake Hill Loop in Andover. Felt pretty good today, the best I have felt in a long while. The pace came nice and easy today and I felt strong the whole run.

6/15 Friday: 7 miles in 55 minutes

Easy running on the Shawsheen River Trails. It was nice to get back on the trails! Kept things very easy and relaxed

6/16 Saturday: 16 miles in 130 minutes

Awesome trail running in the Pemi wilderness with Heather. We ran the Lincoln Woods Trail and Franconia Brook Trail out to the Thirteen Falls tentsite.  It was an awesome day to be in the woods and the trails were in good shape! I have to do trail runs like this more often.

6/17 Sunday: 5 miles in 37 minutes

Easy running in Campton, NH.  My legs actually felt pretty good after yesterdays trail run. Another great day in the White Mountains.

Total Miles: 60.4

Solid week of running. Got to get completely healthy and stay that way!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Training 4/16 to 4/22

4/16 Monday: 8 miles in 60 minutes

After watching the Boston Marathon I headed out the door for a run. It was nice...but it was a bit hot out there. The legs felt a bit sluggish and I felt heavy and slow.

4/17 Tuesday: 8.1 miles in 56 minutes

I went over to the Good Times Race Series tonight. Warmed up 3 miles with Heather and Mike Quintal. Raced 5k in 16:11 good for first place overall (results). Warmed down 2 miles with Heather and Mike Quintal. Then it was time to hit Hookslide Kelly's for some post race beers with Heather, Mike Quintal, and Festus Mbuva. A great time!

4/18 Wednesday: AM: 8.5 miles in 67 minutes PM: 4.5 miles in 36 minutes

AM: Beautiful morning for a run! I hit the Shawsheen River Trails and took it nice and easy. My legs actually felt better than I expected.

PM: Easy running around Haverhill. Did some strength after.

4/19 Thursday: 7.2 miles in 55 minutes

Easy morning running with Heather.

4/20 Friday: 5 miles in 40 minutes

Easy running on the treadmill at home.

4/21 Saturday: 10.1 miles in 70 minutes

Heather and I went up to Londonderry NH to run the Stonyfield Eathday 5k. We warmed up 3 miles, then I raced 5k in 16:43 over a tough course, good for first place, then Heather and I warmed down for 4 miles.

Heather also ran a great race finishing first for the women!

4/22 Sunday: 15.1 miles in 1 hour 50 minutes

Ran my way over to Lake Kenoza and hit the trails and then some roads back around the house.  I felt heavy and slow today. I hope a lighter week with a day off next week helps get the bounce back in my stride.

Total Miles: 66.5

I had a decent week with two races and a solid long run.  I was feeling a bit sluggish at the end of the week and maybe a day off this coming week will help out.  I only have two weeks until Pittsburgh so its time to start cutting back a bit and making sure I am getting some rest.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Training 4/9 to 4/15

4/9 Monday: 8 miles in 60 minutes

Easy morning running out to Crystal Lake and back. Felt a little sluggish to start but I felt pretty good by the end.

4/10 Tuesday: 10.6 miles in 78 minutes

Easy running along the Shawsheen River Trails to the Bay Circuit Trail. Made it out to the far side of the West Parish Cemetery and then turned around. I felt pretty solid today. I think I may try another workout tomorrow evening if I feel okay tomorrow.

4/11 Wednesday: 14.1 miles in 90 minutes

I went over to the track a Philips Andover for a workout today. I warmed up for 3 miles did a couple strides and then hit the track. The goal was to do some half marathon paced (5:20-5:25) work, so I did 4 x 2 miles at half marathon pace with a 400m jog rest. The intervals went by in 10:45, 10:43, 10:41, and 10:40. Then I got in another 2.1 miles of cool down. Overall I was very happy with the volume of work and how relaxed I felt at that pace. I was much more comfortable than I felt just two weeks ago when I did 5 x mile at this pace. Feeling real good about this one.....we will see how the legs feel tomorrow!

4/12 Thursday: 7.2 miles in 47 minutes

This run was great for the first 2 miles......then the skies opened up! First it was just rain, then wind, then heavy rain and wind. Then to top it off it started to hail! Ouch my head! It hailed for a few minutes.....then just rained for the rest of my run. Which left me freezing to death and I spent the last few miles on a mission to get back and warmed up. Overall it kind of sucked.

4/13 Friday: AM: 4 miles in 32 minutes PM: 6.3 miles in 46 minutes

AM: Easy running on the treadmill at home.

PM: Easy running from Cedardale. The day was very busy and I got in as much running as I could when the time allowed.

4/14 Saturday: 8 miles in 59 minutes

Early morning run. Had to get it in before Caitlyn and I went over to the Dan Ford Race in Methuen to cheer Heather on. Legs felt heavy and slow today, just tried to keep it relaxed and easy.

4/15 Sunday: 15 miles in 1 hour and 42 minutes (6:47 pace)

I intended on getting in 17 today, but 15 will have to do. A combination of limited time and daddy duties left me in a time crunch. My last 5 miles were all 6:20's or better, it felt comfortably quick. Not a bad run, just wanted a couple more miles, but I will take it!

Total miles: 73.2

A solid week with a long run and a great workout on Wednesday. Three weeks till Pittsburgh, I think I will be ready to run pretty well there. I just have to be smart and stay healthy till then.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dan Ford Road Race

This morning Caitlyn and I went over to the Dan Ford Road Race to cheer on our favorite local runners. I brought along the camera and took lots of pictures. Here are a few of them.

Jose Ortiz and Brandon Newbould led out the 5 miler

Woman's 5k Champion Emily Searles

Men's 5 mile Champion Brandon Newbould

Men's 2nd Place 5 miler Jose Ortiz

Heather ran a solid race to place second overall in the woman's 5 mile race. Due to threats to my life there will be no photographic evidence.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Training 4/2 to 4/8

4/2 Monday: 8 miles in 65 minutes

Went over to the Rivah today. Ran from the Wyndham Hotel parking lot and did the Merrimack River Trail. The trail is in great shape......not a single wet or muddy spot out there. The Merrimack Trail Race in a couple weeks could be a fast one if conditions stay the same. Felt good out there today and it was nice to get back on the river trails.

4/3 Tuesday: OFF

A day off to rest up and recover. I was feeling a little run down and tired, so I figured a day off wouldn't hurt.

4/4 Wednesday: 11.2 miles in 81 minutes

Solid run today, my legs felt good and I had good energy. Ran along the Shawsheen River Trails over to The Bay Circuit Trail. I ran the Bay Circuit Trail over to and across Rt. 133. This is a section I have never been on before and it was pretty nice trail. I had to turn back soon after getting on this section, I will have to explore this area more when I have more time.

4/5 Thursday: AM: 5 miles in 40 minutes PM: 8.5 miles in 64 minutes

AM: Easy treadmill running at home.

PM: Shawsheen River Trails to the fields behind Andover High School.

4/6 Friday: 7.3 miles in 58 minutes

Easy treadmill running at home.

4/7 Saturday: 9 miles in 63 minutes

Today I went to the SEA 5k in Concord, NH. Warmed up 3 miles with Heather, then raced 5k in 16:03 (splits: 4:59, 5:15, 5:15, 34), good for first place. Then cooled down another 3 miles with Mike Quintal. The wind was pretty strong and made the flat, fast course a bit slower today. Overall I was very happy with this race. I felt very strong and smooth, and I felt like I could have gone even harder if I needed to. This was a good confidence booster!

4/8 Sunday: 18 miles in 2 hours 13 minutes

I did the first 16 miles with Heather. We had a solid run and hit Providence Hill on a decent loop. I then added on another two miles to get up to 18. Overall it was a solid run and I finished up the last two miles pretty strong.

Total Miles: 67

Overall it was a decent week. I got in a good race and a solid long run, I even got in a day off. The running is going well. A few more weeks of this and I will be ready for Pittsburgh!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Training 3/26 to 4/1

3/26 Monday: 8 miles in 62 minutes

Easy running along the Shawsheen River trails. Really took it easy today as I was coming off a weekend with an 18 mile long run and a race. I had a few sore and tight spots, but nothing I didn't expect.

3/27 Tuesday: 9 miles in 65 minutes

Easy running along the Shawsheen River trails and up to the fields behind Andover High School. I felt really good today and the run came very easy. The legs felt great and I was full of energy. I wish I had more runs like this!

3/28 Wednesday: 12 miles in 80 minutes

Today I headed over to Philips Andover to do was my first track work out in almost two years. I did 3 miles of warm up and some strides and then got to work with a plan of 5-6 x miles at 5:20-5:25 pace (1/2 marathon pace) with 400m jog recovery. I ended up doing 5 repeats at 5:20, 5:20, 5:20, 5:20, 5:19.... at least I am consistent! I decided 5 was enough for my first go and left the track feeling happy about the results. I did a few miles of cool down and headed home!

3/29 Thursday: AM: 4.5 miles in 36 minutes PM: 8 miles in 62 minutes

AM: Easy shakeout run. Felt alright coming off the workout.

PM: Easy running with my favorite running partner. Heather and I ran out and back to to Crystal Lake.

3/30 Friday: 8.6 miles in 67 minutes

Felt a little tired and tight today, so I took it pretty easy. I felt better as the run went on which was good.

3/31 Saturday: 7 miles in 55 minutes

Easy treadmill running at home. Did some strength work after the run.

4/1 Sunday: 17 miles in 2 hours (course/splits)

Very solid run today. I did a pretty awesome loop out through Winnekenni and looped over by the Merrimack River before heading back through Winnekenni to head home. The legs felt really good and the pace came very easy. I closed out the run with some strong miles on the way back with the last one just under 6 minutes.

Total Miles: 74.1

A very nice week of running with one good workout and a very good long run. A few more weeks of solid training and I will be just about ready for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon (May 6th). I just need to pat attention to my body and take it easy when I need to and work hard when my body allows me to. Need to stay smart!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Training 3/19 to 3/25

3/19 Monday: 8 miles in 60 minutes

Easy running in Haverhill with my favorite running partner Heather. Great evening out there for a run. Felt a bit tired and heavy, still feeling that long run Sunday and long day of travel on Saturday.

3/20 Tuesday: AM: 9.2 miles in 67 minutes PM: 5 miles in 37 minutes

AM: Easy running along the Shawsheen River Trails and the trails behind Andover High School. Felt pretty good and did 6 x 30 second strides on the way back in.

PM: Easy running on the roads around Haverhill High School.

3/21 Wednesday: 8.8 miles in 65 minutes

Easy running along the Shawsheen River Trails and trails behind Andover High School. Just before getting to the trails I ran into running legends, and CMS teammates, Dave Dunham and Dan Verrington. I got to run a couple miles with them and chat about upcoming races and my recent trip to Park City. It was nice seeing them out there and getting a chance to chat with them a bit.

3/22 Thursday: 10.7 miles in 80 minutes

Easy running along the Shawsheen River trails, to the Bay Circuit Trail, to the West Parish Cemetery. I felt pretty good. Pretty warm out there today!

3/23 Friday: 6.3 miles in 47 minutes

Easy running on the roads of Andover. Breaking in a new pair of racing flats that I hope to use tomorrow.

3/24 Saturday: 9 miles in 63 minutes

Pursuit of the Holy Grail 5k in Epping NH. I warmed up a total of 3 miles with strides, raced about three miles (15:35) before realizing I had been sent the wrong way while leading the race. Ran another mile back to the finish area, warmed down for 2 miles.

3/25 Sunday: 18.1 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes

Ran 4 miles solo then swung past the house to pick up my favorite running partner. Heather and I ran about another 14 miles over through Bradford, Groveland, and back around Lake Kenoza. Overall it was a really good run and I felt really strong.

Total Miles: 75.1

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Training 3/12 to 3/18

3/12 Monday: OFF

Hit up the slopes at Deer Valley. Second day of skiing in a row.... and Caitlyn wanted me to go swimming in the pool with her. Caitlyn and the pool win!

3/13 Tuesday: AM: 8.2 miles in 58 minutes PM: 4.4 miles in 33 minutes

AM: Easy running in the neighborhoods of Park City. The scenery is unreal..... I can't get enough. SPent the afternoon exploring Park City and hitting up the Wasatch Brew Pub!

PM: No Skiing today so I was able to get in two runs. A quick easy run around the Park City neighborhoods.

3/14 Wednesday: 8.3 miles in 60 minutes

Skied all day at the Canyons and then hit the roads for some running. Ran around the neighborhoods of Park City again. This place is beautiful, and the weather has been great! Shorts and a tee shirt! Thats me rocking Native Googles!

3/15 Thursday: 8.2 miles in 62 minutes

Skied all day at the Canyons, even saw a moose while riding the chair lift! Pretty cool site! Got in another run around the local neighborhoods. Went out for a very nice dinner and went on a sleigh ride. Caitlyn got to drive!

3/16 Friday: 6.2 miles in 47 minutes

Treadmill running at the gym. It was spitting a bit of rain, and the NCAA tourney was on TV. So an easy treadmill run was in order. Spent the day packing up and ding a bit of shopping around town. Happy Birthday 32nd to my brother Ryan!

3/17 Saturday: OFF

Long day of traveling back home. Utah was awesome, but I am glad to be heading back home for St. Patrick's day!! Had a great dinner with Heather and a couple Guinness to celebrate the day.

3/18 Sunday: 15 miles in 1 hour and 43 minutes

Solid run today! I did the first 3.5 with Heather and then eased into a faster pace. The next 11,5 miles went by at about 6:30 pace overall. A few miles were just about 6 flat towards the end. It was a good long effort that was not to hard, but it felt good to run a bit faster for a good distance.

Total Miles: 50.3

I had a great week in Utah with family and friends. I got in 4 days of skiing and just over 50 miles of running. The running in Utah was also at almost 7000 feet of altitude too! Considering the vacation and skiing, I was pretty happy with the running totals. Skiing with Caitlyn was a blast, it was her first trip out west and I can't wait to do it again! It was great to spend so much time with her skiing, at the pool, and out around Park City. She truly is an awesome little girl! She also rips up the slopes! Now its time to get back to business and get ready for some up coming races! I am excited to get out there and see what I can do!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Training 3/5 to 3/11

3/5 Monday: 8.4 miles in 60 minutes

I actually felt pretty good today. I had no issues coming off of yesterdays long run. Ran my way up towards andover center and back.

3/6 Tuesday: AM: 5 miles in 40 minutes PM: 10 miles in 70 minutes

AM: Easy treadmill running at home. Did some strength and core work after.

PM: Rattlesnake hill loop. Felt pretty good today and I did 6 x 30 second strides in the last couple miles. The strides felt better than they have in the past few weeks.

3/7 Wednesday: 10.5 miles in 76 minutes

Easy running to Andover Center. I felt a bit tired and heavy today, but the pace was still decent and the weather was awesome! Shorts and a light long sleeve today!

3/8 Thursday: AM: 5 miles in 40 minutes PM: 10.2 miles in 76 minutes

AM: Easy running on the treadmill at home.

PM: Shawsheen River Trails to the Bay Circuit Trail to the West Parish Cemetery. The trails were pretty clear, with just a few wet and muddy spots. Awesome day out there, I felt pretty good too!

3/9 Friday: 8 miles in 61 minutes

Easy running along the Shawsheen River trails and over to the trails behind Andover High School. Felt a bit tired today, so I took it pretty easy. On the way back a great blue heron scared the crap out of me! I think I scared the crap out of it too! He was right along the edge of the boardwalk that crosses the marsh. Man he was big up that close....it was cool to see him fly off deeper in to the marsh.

3/10 Saturday: 15 miles in 1 hour and 56 minutes

Treadmill running at home. I was up very early and it was dark and snowy outside......so I hit the treadmill. I have gotten in just over 90 miles in the past 7 days....thats a lot for me. Tomorrow will be a very easy shake out or no run at all since it will be my first full day at altitude. No its time to head for the airport! Park City here I come!

3/11 Sunday: 6 miles in 45 minutes

Easy running around Park City after a full day of skiing at Canyons Resort. Sunny and warm day on the mountain with spring conditions. Still had a great day exploring the mountain with Caitlyn. After skiing we hit the pool for a bit and then I was out the door for a quick run. I ran down the hill from the Canyons and into the neighborhoods in the valley. Awesome views made the run go by pretty quick. The run back up the hill to the Canyons was a bit rough! Great first day Utah!

Total Miles: 78.1

Very solid week of running. I knew I needed to get in some miles as next week will end up being a lower week as I will be in Utah skiing with my daughter.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Training 2/27 to 3/4

2/27 Monday: 6 miles in 53 minutes

That's no typo! My run today was very slow, and may not even qualify as a run....maybe it was a walk. The legs were pretty trashed today, I was very stiff and sore. So I just got myself out the door and kept things very easy. Maybe the legs will feel a bit better tomorrow.

2/28 Tuesday: OFF

My legs are totally trashed. I probably should not have even tried to run yesterday. I can't even walk down stairs with out looking like a fool.

2/29 Wednesday: 7 miles in 56 minutes

Very easy running on the treadmill at home. Legs are still sore and tight, but much better than the last two days. Did some strength training after.

3/1 Thursday: 10 miles in 77 minutes

Easy running on the treadmill at home. Starting to feel better today, almost back to normal. The legs are not sore anymore, just a bit tight in a couple spots.

3/2 Friday: AM: 8 miles in 63 minutes PM: 5 miles in 36 minutes

AM: Easy running on the treadmill at home. I really didn't feel like going outside that early and challenge the early morning commuters.

PM: Easy running in Andover. I meant this too be an easy shake out, but work issues had me unable to just relax and enjoy the run.

3/3 Saturday: 6 miles in 47 minutes

Slow going on the snowy side roads of Chocorua NH. It was actually a great run, I saw no cars and the snow covered woods were quiet and peaceful.....I could get use to something like that. Heather and I were up visiting our wedding location (Brass Heart Inn). It was great to visit with a bunch of other couples to taste food and wine and explore the inn again. I can't wait till August!

3/4 Sunday: 18 miles in 2 hours and 17 minutes

This was my longest run in a very long time. I got out and got in 4 miles and then swung back past the house to pick up Heather. Heather and I ran the next 13 miles together over the hills of Plaistow and Atkinson. It was a new loop that Heather was showing me and I really liked it. I added on one more mile to get up to 18. I felt very relaxed and comfortable the whole way, I think I am finally recovered from Amherst last week.

Total Miles: 60

This week started out pretty rough, but finished pretty well. I had a real hard time recovering from Amherst and Mondays run probably did more damage than good. My legs were really trashed for the first two days, and still very stiff and uncomfortable for another two days. I think a lack of racing or workouts left my legs unprepared for the beating they took. My muscles just were not ready for it. The second half of my week went really well and I got in some good running once I felt recovered. The long run was a great way to finish off the week. I will try to carry the momentum into next week and get in some solid running before I leave for Utah on Saturday. Then its time for some skiing and altitude training!

Monday, February 27, 2012

DH Jones 10 Miler

On February 26th Heather and I headed out west to Amherst, MA for the DH Jones 10 miler. This is the first race of seven in the USATFNE Road Grand Prix Series. I have run this race a couple of time before and the course is very challenging with many hills and a dirt road section just to make things a little interesting. After last weekends indoor track 5k (15:58) and my short nine weeks of solid training, I was thinking a time around 57 minutes would be a decent time and anything faster would be a good run for me. After three miles of warm up and some strides it was time to get to it and get racing!

I tried to keep things relaxed for the first couple miles. But I always seem to get sucked out just a bit too quick at this race. I hit the first mile in 5:26 and felt alright, but I wish I had gone out a little bit slower. The next mile is pretty much all down hill, and the 2 mile split showed it as the 2 mile mark went by in 5:07 (10:33). The course levels out for a bit and then starts making itsway up. It was during this section that I started to feel like I had made a mistake going out this quick. My legs felt heavy and I felt like I was having trouble finding a comfortable stride. The big hill I was now making my way up didn't help. I passed three miles in 6:02 (16:35) and my thoughts turned to just surviving this climb and then trying to get my stride going again. Lucky for me three team mates (Al Bernier, Jim Johnson, and Kevin Gorman) caught me at this point and I was able to fall in with them and get my legs going a bit again. After a bit our little pack started to fall apart as Al pulled away and Jim feel off the pace. I was able to hang in there with Kevin for the next couple miles. Mile 4 went by in 6:01 (22:36). At this point I was starting to feel a bit better and recovered from the up hills over the last couple miles. Just before the 5 mile mark I started to move up and pass a few people. At this point I put a small gap on Kevin and I was on my own making my way through the field the best I could. I went by 5 miles in 5:37 (28:13), I was half way and on pace to be around 56:30....but I still had the Strong street hills to go up at the end of the race. The next mile or so I don't remember really running with anyone, I could see a pack ahead of me and put my mind and body to working up to them. I believe I caught them at right around the 6 mile mark, which went by in 5:30 (33:43). There was one guy (sorry I don't know who it was) who started to pull away from the rest of the pack and I latched on and went for a ride for as long as I could. We caught up to Dan Princic and he latched on to us. Not to long after we went by the seven mile mark 5:16 (38:59) and I could no longer hang on to our lead runner. I relaxed back a bit and soon Dan fell off my pace too. I found myself running alone and starting to think about the brutal finish ahead. I kept my eyes on those ahead of me and kept driving. The eight mile went by in 5:32 (44:31) and I could see the hills down the road ahead. I tried to relax on the first of the three hills, but the hill was still getting the best of me. At this point I was thinking just keep moving and hold onto your position. I crested the first hill and made the turn onto Strong Street, passed the nine mile mark in 5:30 (50:01) and made my way up the second hill and into a wicked head wind that nearly stopped me cold. I made it over the second hill and made my way to the third and last hill. At this point I was just totally spent, I really had nothing left, I could here foot steps behind me and I knew I was in trouble. Soon A pack of guys including Dan Princic, Kevin Gorman and Steve O'Brien caught me and started going by me. I tried my best to react but I had nothing....I was done. I crested the last hill and could see the finish. I did my best to keep my legs moving as I made my way downhill toward the finish. I saw the finish clock as I went by in the looped finish and thought I had a chance to break 56 minutes. I did my best to muster a kick around the parking lot finish.....but I am just not there yet. The kick was pretty poor and I crossed the line in 56:03 (6:02 last mile) good for 41st place overall.

Overall this was a very good result. I finished in a much faster time then I expected and I negative split the course (28:13 1st half/27:50 2nd half). This was a good step and showed that the work I am putting in is starting to pay off. I was a bit disappointed in the way I finished the race, but I am sure some more racing and solid workouts will lead to a stronger finish in the future. Considering the amount of training I have done and my lack of racing over the last 6 months I am very happy with how things went. Most of all the foot felt great, I didn't even think about the plantar once during the race. After a three mile cool down it was off to some old Amherst favorites for food and beer!

Heather also had a very solid race finishing in 68:09. Now its time for some recovery!

5:07 (10:33)
6:02 (16:35)
6:01 (22:36)
5:37 (28:13)
5:30 (33:43)
5:16 (38:59)
5:32 (44:31)
5:30 (50:01)
6:02 (56:03)