" It's at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys."
- Emil Zatopek

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Training 4/16 to 4/22

4/16 Monday: 8 miles in 60 minutes

After watching the Boston Marathon I headed out the door for a run. It was nice...but it was a bit hot out there. The legs felt a bit sluggish and I felt heavy and slow.

4/17 Tuesday: 8.1 miles in 56 minutes

I went over to the Good Times Race Series tonight. Warmed up 3 miles with Heather and Mike Quintal. Raced 5k in 16:11 good for first place overall (results). Warmed down 2 miles with Heather and Mike Quintal. Then it was time to hit Hookslide Kelly's for some post race beers with Heather, Mike Quintal, and Festus Mbuva. A great time!

4/18 Wednesday: AM: 8.5 miles in 67 minutes PM: 4.5 miles in 36 minutes

AM: Beautiful morning for a run! I hit the Shawsheen River Trails and took it nice and easy. My legs actually felt better than I expected.

PM: Easy running around Haverhill. Did some strength after.

4/19 Thursday: 7.2 miles in 55 minutes

Easy morning running with Heather.

4/20 Friday: 5 miles in 40 minutes

Easy running on the treadmill at home.

4/21 Saturday: 10.1 miles in 70 minutes

Heather and I went up to Londonderry NH to run the Stonyfield Eathday 5k. We warmed up 3 miles, then I raced 5k in 16:43 over a tough course, good for first place, then Heather and I warmed down for 4 miles.

Heather also ran a great race finishing first for the women!

4/22 Sunday: 15.1 miles in 1 hour 50 minutes

Ran my way over to Lake Kenoza and hit the trails and then some roads back around the house.  I felt heavy and slow today. I hope a lighter week with a day off next week helps get the bounce back in my stride.

Total Miles: 66.5

I had a decent week with two races and a solid long run.  I was feeling a bit sluggish at the end of the week and maybe a day off this coming week will help out.  I only have two weeks until Pittsburgh so its time to start cutting back a bit and making sure I am getting some rest.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Training 4/9 to 4/15

4/9 Monday: 8 miles in 60 minutes

Easy morning running out to Crystal Lake and back. Felt a little sluggish to start but I felt pretty good by the end.

4/10 Tuesday: 10.6 miles in 78 minutes

Easy running along the Shawsheen River Trails to the Bay Circuit Trail. Made it out to the far side of the West Parish Cemetery and then turned around. I felt pretty solid today. I think I may try another workout tomorrow evening if I feel okay tomorrow.

4/11 Wednesday: 14.1 miles in 90 minutes

I went over to the track a Philips Andover for a workout today. I warmed up for 3 miles did a couple strides and then hit the track. The goal was to do some half marathon paced (5:20-5:25) work, so I did 4 x 2 miles at half marathon pace with a 400m jog rest. The intervals went by in 10:45, 10:43, 10:41, and 10:40. Then I got in another 2.1 miles of cool down. Overall I was very happy with the volume of work and how relaxed I felt at that pace. I was much more comfortable than I felt just two weeks ago when I did 5 x mile at this pace. Feeling real good about this one.....we will see how the legs feel tomorrow!

4/12 Thursday: 7.2 miles in 47 minutes

This run was great for the first 2 miles......then the skies opened up! First it was just rain, then wind, then heavy rain and wind. Then to top it off it started to hail! Ouch my head! It hailed for a few minutes.....then just rained for the rest of my run. Which left me freezing to death and I spent the last few miles on a mission to get back and warmed up. Overall it kind of sucked.

4/13 Friday: AM: 4 miles in 32 minutes PM: 6.3 miles in 46 minutes

AM: Easy running on the treadmill at home.

PM: Easy running from Cedardale. The day was very busy and I got in as much running as I could when the time allowed.

4/14 Saturday: 8 miles in 59 minutes

Early morning run. Had to get it in before Caitlyn and I went over to the Dan Ford Race in Methuen to cheer Heather on. Legs felt heavy and slow today, just tried to keep it relaxed and easy.

4/15 Sunday: 15 miles in 1 hour and 42 minutes (6:47 pace)

I intended on getting in 17 today, but 15 will have to do. A combination of limited time and daddy duties left me in a time crunch. My last 5 miles were all 6:20's or better, it felt comfortably quick. Not a bad run, just wanted a couple more miles, but I will take it!

Total miles: 73.2

A solid week with a long run and a great workout on Wednesday. Three weeks till Pittsburgh, I think I will be ready to run pretty well there. I just have to be smart and stay healthy till then.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dan Ford Road Race

This morning Caitlyn and I went over to the Dan Ford Road Race to cheer on our favorite local runners. I brought along the camera and took lots of pictures. Here are a few of them.

Jose Ortiz and Brandon Newbould led out the 5 miler

Woman's 5k Champion Emily Searles

Men's 5 mile Champion Brandon Newbould

Men's 2nd Place 5 miler Jose Ortiz

Heather ran a solid race to place second overall in the woman's 5 mile race. Due to threats to my life there will be no photographic evidence.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Training 4/2 to 4/8

4/2 Monday: 8 miles in 65 minutes

Went over to the Rivah today. Ran from the Wyndham Hotel parking lot and did the Merrimack River Trail. The trail is in great shape......not a single wet or muddy spot out there. The Merrimack Trail Race in a couple weeks could be a fast one if conditions stay the same. Felt good out there today and it was nice to get back on the river trails.

4/3 Tuesday: OFF

A day off to rest up and recover. I was feeling a little run down and tired, so I figured a day off wouldn't hurt.

4/4 Wednesday: 11.2 miles in 81 minutes

Solid run today, my legs felt good and I had good energy. Ran along the Shawsheen River Trails over to The Bay Circuit Trail. I ran the Bay Circuit Trail over to and across Rt. 133. This is a section I have never been on before and it was pretty nice trail. I had to turn back soon after getting on this section, I will have to explore this area more when I have more time.

4/5 Thursday: AM: 5 miles in 40 minutes PM: 8.5 miles in 64 minutes

AM: Easy treadmill running at home.

PM: Shawsheen River Trails to the fields behind Andover High School.

4/6 Friday: 7.3 miles in 58 minutes

Easy treadmill running at home.

4/7 Saturday: 9 miles in 63 minutes

Today I went to the SEA 5k in Concord, NH. Warmed up 3 miles with Heather, then raced 5k in 16:03 (splits: 4:59, 5:15, 5:15, 34), good for first place. Then cooled down another 3 miles with Mike Quintal. The wind was pretty strong and made the flat, fast course a bit slower today. Overall I was very happy with this race. I felt very strong and smooth, and I felt like I could have gone even harder if I needed to. This was a good confidence booster!

4/8 Sunday: 18 miles in 2 hours 13 minutes

I did the first 16 miles with Heather. We had a solid run and hit Providence Hill on a decent loop. I then added on another two miles to get up to 18. Overall it was a solid run and I finished up the last two miles pretty strong.

Total Miles: 67

Overall it was a decent week. I got in a good race and a solid long run, I even got in a day off. The running is going well. A few more weeks of this and I will be ready for Pittsburgh!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Training 3/26 to 4/1

3/26 Monday: 8 miles in 62 minutes

Easy running along the Shawsheen River trails. Really took it easy today as I was coming off a weekend with an 18 mile long run and a race. I had a few sore and tight spots, but nothing I didn't expect.

3/27 Tuesday: 9 miles in 65 minutes

Easy running along the Shawsheen River trails and up to the fields behind Andover High School. I felt really good today and the run came very easy. The legs felt great and I was full of energy. I wish I had more runs like this!

3/28 Wednesday: 12 miles in 80 minutes

Today I headed over to Philips Andover to do was my first track work out in almost two years. I did 3 miles of warm up and some strides and then got to work with a plan of 5-6 x miles at 5:20-5:25 pace (1/2 marathon pace) with 400m jog recovery. I ended up doing 5 repeats at 5:20, 5:20, 5:20, 5:20, 5:19.... at least I am consistent! I decided 5 was enough for my first go and left the track feeling happy about the results. I did a few miles of cool down and headed home!

3/29 Thursday: AM: 4.5 miles in 36 minutes PM: 8 miles in 62 minutes

AM: Easy shakeout run. Felt alright coming off the workout.

PM: Easy running with my favorite running partner. Heather and I ran out and back to to Crystal Lake.

3/30 Friday: 8.6 miles in 67 minutes

Felt a little tired and tight today, so I took it pretty easy. I felt better as the run went on which was good.

3/31 Saturday: 7 miles in 55 minutes

Easy treadmill running at home. Did some strength work after the run.

4/1 Sunday: 17 miles in 2 hours (course/splits)

Very solid run today. I did a pretty awesome loop out through Winnekenni and looped over by the Merrimack River before heading back through Winnekenni to head home. The legs felt really good and the pace came very easy. I closed out the run with some strong miles on the way back with the last one just under 6 minutes.

Total Miles: 74.1

A very nice week of running with one good workout and a very good long run. A few more weeks of solid training and I will be just about ready for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon (May 6th). I just need to pat attention to my body and take it easy when I need to and work hard when my body allows me to. Need to stay smart!