" It's at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys."
- Emil Zatopek

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Training 1/24 to 1/30

1/24 Monday: OFF

I thought about getting out for a run today. I am feeling the best I have in a while, but I was not going out in that arctic cold. I would have hit the treadmill, but its still broken.

1/25 Tuesday: 5 miles in 38 minutes

Easy running on the treadmill at work. Felt OK, it was nice to move the legs a bit.

1/26 Wednesday: 8 miles in 57 minutes

Easy running out past the cemetery in Andover. Actually felt pretty comfortable.

1/27 Thursday: OFF

Snow day in Haverhill and Caitlyn had no school. Treadmill is broken....so no run.

1/28 Friday: 10 miles in 71 minutes

Rattlesnake Hill loop. It was nice to get back out on this loop, and I actually felt pretty good.

1/29 Saturday: 7.2 miles in 52 minutes

Woke up feeling not so good again. This time its all in my head, its killing me to blow my nose. I need to go see a real doctor....not that crappy walk in clinic I went to last time. I have no primary care doctor.....so if anyone has a great family practice doctor in the Haverhill/Andover area let me know. Run was alright, at least it was nice out.

1/30 Sunday: 14 miles in 104 minutes

Todays run was all about just getting in the miles. The legs felt pretty heavy and slow the whole way.

Total Miles: 44.2

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Training 1/17 to 1/23

1/17 Monday: 11 miles in 80 minutes

Running with Jim Johnson. Felt OK, and it felt real nice to be out there running again.

1/18 Tuesday: OFF

Felt like a pile of crap again.

1/19 Wednesday: 5 miles in 39 minutes

Treadmill running at work. Felt like death.

1/20 Thursday: 7 miles in 54 minutes

Still not feeling to good. I think its time to get myself healthy.

1/21 Friday: OFF

1/22 Saturday: OFF

1/23 Sunday: OFF

Total Miles: 23

A very frustrating week. I had plans to get right back on it and get in some good running. The problem is I can not stay healthy. Every time I think I am getting well or that I have kicked my cold I get knocked back down again with some kind of nasty sickness. Over the last few days I have concentrated on getting some rest and plenty of sleep in hopes that will help my immune system get going. I am also now pumping in the vitamin C, maybe that will help.

Training 1/10 to 1/16

1/10 to 1/16: No running during this week. Spent most of the week sick while on vacation.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Training 1/3 to 1/9

1/3 Monday: AM: 5 miles in 38 minutes PM: 10.4 miles in 74 minutes

AM: Easy running in Andover

PM: Whirlaway winter 10 mile loop. I knew if I went home there was no way I was going to get out the door for a run. So I stopped at the Whirlaway for a run. I felt pretty good out there tonight.

1/4 Tuesday: OFF


1/5 Wednesday: OFF


1/6 Thursday: OFF


1/7 Friday: OFF

Travel to Puerto Rico. Still having health issues.

1/8 Saturday: 11 miles in 80 minutes

Treadmill running on the cruise ship, felt OK running. Still not feeling the best. I am not sure trying to run this much was a good idea.

1/9 Sunday: 5 miles in 38 minutes

Treadmill running. Still feeling under the weather.

Total Miles: 30.4

My worst week in a very long time. Why can't I stay healthy. This is not the way I wanted to start out the new year.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Training 12/27 to 1/2

12/27 Monday: 10 miles in 75 minutes

I ran on the treadmill today. I just don't trust drivers with the roads being slick.

12/28 Tuesday: 10 miles in 70 minutes

Lucky to get out running today. Thank you Ben and Amy for watching Caitlyn while I ran. You guys rock! Felt pretty good out there today and moved pretty well during the second half of the run.

12/29 Wednesday: 11 miles in 76 minutes

Skiing in the morning with the munchkin. Then a nice solid run around Campton NH. Felt pretty good out there today.

12/30 Thursday: 10 miles in 72 minutes

Skiing in the morning with the munchkin. Then treadmill running with Heather at Latitiudes in Methuen.

12/31 Friday: AM: 12 miles in 88 minutes PM: 4 miles in 31 minutes

AM: Run with Heather, 5 miles easy, 4 miles at 6:20 (Heathers tempo run), 3 miles easy.

PM: Very easy running.

Fished the Year with 3185 miles. A lifetime best!

1/1 Saturday: 10 miles in 77 minutes

What a great morning for a run. Heather and I ran easy out towards the Crystal Lake area.

1/2 Sunday: 16 miles in 115 minutes

Long run up in Campton, NH. Ran with Heather for the first 12 miles then picked it up the last 4 miles going 6:45, 5:53, 5:37, 5:33. Felt OK today, but still pretty strong at the end.

Total Miles: 83 Miles