" It's at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys."
- Emil Zatopek

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Training 9/21 to 9/27

9/21 Monday: 8 miles in 61 minutes

9/22 Tuesday: 10.3 miles in 76 minutes

Did 6 x 15 second strides at end of run. Really felt pretty bad. Tired, sore, slow...not good.

9/23 Wednesday: OFF

Woke up felling like hell. Sick, sick, sick. Must have got to close to Jim Johnson while at Lone Gull. No Running today. This is not how I wanted this week to go especially after having a bad race on Sunday

9/24 Thursday: 5 miles in 36 minutes

Felt well enough in the afternoon to just get outside and run a bit.

9/25 Friday: 8.6 miles in 66 minutes

Ran over in Winnekenni with Heather and Emily. Did two loops of the lake. Felling much better today...just stuffed up.

9/26 Saturday: 23 miles in 2 hours 39 minutes

This is what I needed. I had a great run. Felt good at the end and finished up strong. Took water and gels twice during run. Finished with a smile on my face!

9/27 Sunday: 8.1 miles in 60 minutes

An easy run with Heather....who thought it would be fun to pick up the pace while I had tired legs from the day before.

Total miles: 63 miles

Not the best week in the world. I came off of Lone Gull pretty flat then got sick and took a day of from running. Mileage was low and I did not get in any workouts. The good news was that my 23 mile long run on Saturday went awesome and I felt great. Three more weeks till Baystate Marathon....I need to get in one more really good week then it will be time to taper :)

Lone Gull 10k USATFNE Championships 9/20/09

This race report is very overdue......for many reasons. Last week I was sick, my computer at home died, and most of all I did not want to write about this race.

On Sunday September 20th Heather, Caitlyn, and I headed to Gloucester for the USATFNE 10k championships at the Lone Gull 10k. We got there nice and early and got a good parking spot in the Good Harbor Beach parking area. This is a beautiful beach as you can see in the picture to the left. The goal for this race was to run hard and fast! Go after a PR (sub 32:34) and see what kind of shape all my hard work has left me in. I really wanted to run a good race and have a good performance.

After a quick warm up with some teammates, I got changed into my singlet and racing shoes and started heading over towards the starting area which was a good distance away....about halfway there I noticed something.....I had forgot my timing chip!!! I had about 6 minutes to get my chip and back to the start. So I got in a little bit of "tempo" work as I ran back to the car and back to the start. I got to the starting line just in time for the 9am start just to find out it was going to be delayed for a few minutes. Man that was stupid.....not a good way to start out.

After a few minutes of delay the race went off. Pretty quickly I settled in with a group of Whirlaway teammates Brandon Newbould, Joe Navas, Dan Princic, and Pat Ard. The pace felt quick, but comfortable. We went by the first mile in 5:00......quick but not surprising considering the competition at this race. Over the next mile I stayed with this group of teammates and we passed the 2 mile mark in 5:13. The next mile I let Dan and Brandon pull away a bit while I stayed with Joe and Jon Healey. The third mile went by in 5:08, and the half way mark (5k) in 15:57. At this point I was feeling worked but I was also very excited with how things were going...I was on my way to a good one! The next mile had a few hills and I was working to stay with Joe, we went by the 4 mile mark in 5:22....a bit off pace, but from everyone I talked to this was the slowest mile for everyone. A bit after the 4 mile mark I started getting a cramp in my side...yes...a side stitch. I can't remember the last time I had a side stitch......isn't that for out of shape people? Over the next mile I tried to fight it off, but each breath I took made it worse and worse....soon Joe was gone and soon other runners started passing me. The fifth mile went by in 5:20....total time was 26:04. I still had 6 minutes and 30 seconds to cover the last 1.2 miles and get to the finish line and get a PR. If I could run another 5:25 pace the rest of the way I could make it. Well........it was not to be. I cover the 6th mile in a very ugly 5:36 and the last .2 miles in 70 seconds to finish 33rd overall in 32:49. Lots of people went by me in the last 1.2 miles including Pat who ended up running a great race. The last part of this race was torture, my side stitch just got worse as I tried to fight it. each breathe felt like someone was stabbing me in the ribs......not being able to breathe all that well....not so good for trying to run fast and deliver oxygen to those working muscles. It was tough watching my race go to crap and losing a great shot at a PR.

I was really disappointed with this race for a while. After having some time to let it settle in, I believe this was not that bad of a result. Even though I had a hellish last 2 miles or so I was still only 15 seconds short of my PR and it was still my 3rd fastest 10k ever. I never really felt like my legs were hurting, I really feel that if it wasn't for that cramp I would be writing about a PR right now. I know I can run faster than this, and I know I am in good shape, its just that I wanted a good confidence booster before running Baystate in a few weeks. I still think I can run a good marathon and attack my marathon PR there in a few weeks.


1st mile: 5:00
2nd mile: 5:13
3rd mile: 5:08
5k split: 15:57
4th mile: 5:22
5th mile: 5:20
6th mile: 5:36
last 0.2: 70 seconds

Total: 32:49



I want to say congratulations to Heather who once again had a great race!!! She finished 18th overall for woman running 38:53 in her Whirlaway debut!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Training 9/14 to 9/20

Sorry this is so late. I have been sick this week and my computer at home died. Lone Gull race report will be put up ASAP.

9/14 Monday: 8 miles in 60 minutes

9/15 Tuesday: AM: 9.3 miles in 70 minutes PM: 3.9 miles in 30 minutes

Evening run was late. Ran on the treadmill for the first time in a very long while. I still hate the damn thing.

9/16 Wednesday: 12.5 miles in 80 minutes

25 minute warm up at the track. Did 4 sets of 3x400m in 70-72 seconds (60 sec rest) 400m in 70-72 seconds right into 3 laps at 85 second pace. I did all 400s in 70 or 71 and hit the 85 second laps right on or just a couple seconds fast for the total of three laps. Felt pretty good. It was dark out by the time I finished up. Just in time for Philips Andover security to tell me the track closed at dark. Did 20 minutes of warm down.

9/17 Thursday: 8.1 miles in 62 minutes

This was a pretty easy run with Seth. Felt ok coming off the workout, just a bit heavy.

9/18 Friday: Planned Day Off

9/19 Saturday: 6 miles in 46 minutes

9/20 Sunday: 14 miles in 94 minutes

Lone Gull 10k. Warmed up for 2.5 miles. Ran 10k in 32:49 and cooled down for 5.3 miles. Will write a race report ASAP with details.

Total Mileage: 61.8

A good week. Mileage was down a bit due to the planned day off to get ready for Lone Gull 10k. I was not real happy with my race. But overall it could have been worse. I still have a couple weeks of work ahead me before i start my tapper for the marathon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Run to The Rock

On Saturday Heather and I were up real early to make the trek down to Plymouth MA for the Run to The Rock. This event is pretty cool, you have three races, a 5k, a 10k, and a half marathon which all start at the same time in different parts of town and run towards downtown. The finish line for all three races is right at Plymouth Rock. The finish area is right on the waterfront which is a great venue for the post race cookout and awards ceremony.

Heather dropped me off at the half marathon start and she headed off to the 10k start. I checked in and got my number and then it was time to head out for my warm up. It was raining pretty good as it had been all morning. The goal today was to get in a long mileage day and a good workout during the race. So my warm up was 5 miles easy on the first part of the course, I felt pretty good warming up despite the very wet conditions. While warming up I ran into Dan Yifru, he is training for Chicago and is a very good runner. I also knew that Steve Infacelli was running the half, so I knew the field of runners would be pretty solid at the front. After my warm up I got changed into my flats and headed to the starting line. There I chatted with Steve and Dan to find out that we were all looking to run a workout as we are all preparing for a fall marathon. My goal for this "race" was to keep a pace around 5:40-5:45 for the first 7 to 8 miles of the race then pick it up a little bit to close out the race strong. This course is rolling hills almost the whole way, so if I could keep my goal pace on this course I would be very happy.

As the race went off four of us went right to the front. Steve, Dan, a guy I didn't know, and myself led out race and into the down hill first mile. Things were pretty comfortable and everyone seemed good with the pace. The first mile past in 5:34 with Dan and Steve leading our group of four. This was a touch fast but it was OK as most of the mile was downhill. The next mile we settled in and started hitting the rolling hills that this course has plenty of. Our next mile passed in 5:49. We all stayed together as we made our way to the third mile which passed in 5:55. It was here that I went to the front, I figured that I wanted a pace a bit closer to 5:40, so I picked it up a bit expecting at least Steve and Dan if not all three guys to come along. Before I knew it there was a small gap and I was on my own. Not exactly what I wanted, but I felt comfortable so I went with it. I figured this would be a good test of my concentration and pacing abilities while on my own. The fourth mile went by in 5:30. I was surprised it was that fast but I felt great. The rest of the race was pretty much uneventful. I even picked it up at the end and finished very strong, which I was very excited about. My splits are below.

Mile 1: 5:35
Mile 2: 5:49
Mile 3: 5:56
Mile 4: 5:31
Mile 5: 5:32
Mile 6: 5:40
Mile 7: 5:33
Mile 8: 5:35
Mile 9: 5:37
Mile 10: 5:40
Mile 11: 5:42
Mile 12: 5:28
Mile 13: 5:19
Mile 13.1: 0:31

Total time 1:13:29

Also want to say congratulations to Heather on a great race and a new PR for 10k! This despite being led off course half way through the race and running a bit of extra mileage. Nice job "girling" the whole men's field!

I do feel the need to mention that this race had some issues this year. Runners on both the half marathon and 10k courses were either led off course or ran off course due to lack of course marking or lack of volunteers at turns. There were also a number of water stops that had no volunteers. The good news is I talked to the race director and she was more than happy to hear my concerns and the concerns of others. I hope that she can work to bring this race up to the proper standards in the future because it could be a great event!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Training 9/7 to 9/13

9/7 Monday: 10 miles in 74 minutes

9/8 Tuesday: 12.9 miles in 85 minutes

3 miles warm up then hit the track for 2.5 miles in 13:07 (5:14 pace) 1 lap rest 2x2000m in 6:20 and 6:22 1 lap rest after each, 1200 in 4:00 (80 sec / lap), 1 lap rest, 4x400 69-70 sec with 60 sec rest. Did most of this work out with Jon Healey. Then it was off to the trails for 2.4 miles of cool down with Jon and Heather.

9/9 Wednesday: 9 miles in 67 minutes

9/10 Thursday: 9.3 miles in 70 minutes

I was suppose to run another 40 minutes later this day, but I decided against it. It was late and my knee had been acting up a bit.

9/11 Friday: 7.7 miles in 58 minutes

Did 6 x 20 sec strides after the run.

9/12 Saturday: 20.7 miles in 2 hours 11 minutes

Went to Plymouth for the Run to The Rock half marathon. Did 5 miles warm up 13.1 miles in 1:13:29 and another 2.6 miles warm down. See race report for all the details (Race report to be posted soon)

9/13 Sunday: 7.7 miles in 60 minutes

Real easy run with Heather. Legs actually felt OK. A little tight and heavy but no soreness at all.

Total: 77.3 miles

A really good week of running with a really good "race" on Saturday. The race felt very smooth and relaxed. Next week the mileage will drop a bit as I get ready for the Lone Gull 10K. This is a USATFNE Championship event. I hope to run a good race there and set a PR. (Sub 32:34).

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Training 8/31 to 9/6

8/31 Monday: 10 miles in 76 minutes

This was my last run in Miami and the run I felt best on while here....of course I have started to adjust to this weather just in time to leave. Well, after a nice break its time to head home.

9/1 Tuesday: 13 miles in 86 minutes

25 minute warm up at the track. Then 5 x 1000 in 3:09-3:11 with 90 seconds rest. 1 x 1000 in 3:10 right into 3 laps at 5:44 pace, one lap rest, 3 x 1000 in 3:09-3:11 90 seconds rest, 5 x 400 in 72-73 with 200m rest in 90 seconds. Warmed down for 16 minutes. This workout was a bit of a struggle after being in the heat and humidity of Miami and travelling Monday night. But I got it done.

9/2 Wednesday: 8.8 miles in 67 minutes

After running I headed north with Heather to do some hiking in the Whites. We decided to do the Hancocks, two peaks I still needed to bag in my quest to hike all 48 4000 footers in NH. In total it was about 10 miles of hiking with many water crossings and some steep climbs and descents. It was a beautiful day and it was great to be outside enjoying whats left of summer.

9/3 Thursday: AM: 9 miles in 69 minutes PM: 4 miles in 32 minutes

Got in my 4 miler while at the Atkinson Road Race. I was there to support a good cause and cheer on Heather to a 2nd place finish. Nice Job Heather!

9/4 Friday: 12 miles in 78 minutes

Went out for 3 miles easy then into 7 miles at 5:46 pace overall. Started out around 5:50 pace and worked down to about 5:40 pace. Felt pretty good on this one.

9/5 Saturday: 18 miles in 2 hours 14 minutes

Just an easy long run this week. Felt OK most of the run, but that last few miles hurt a bit....just got tired and heavy...probably a result of yesterdays workout.

9/6 Sunday: 8 miles in 60 minutes

Total Miles: 83

A very nice week of running. Came back from Miami a bit tired, but bounced back after a couple days. Mileage for the week was solid and I got in some good workouts. My next race will be this Saturday at the Run to The Rock. I will be running the half marathon as a Marathon paced workout.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Training 8/24 to 8/30

Monday 8/24: 10 miles in 73 minutes

Last three minutes of this run was a pickup down to 5:10 pace.

Tuesday 8/25: 12 miles in 76 minutes

25 minutes of warm up. 7 laps at 77 second pace, 2 :30 rest 4 laps as 77, 87, 77, 87, then 90 seconds rest. 6 laps at 77 second pace, 2:30 rest, 3 laps as 77,87,77, then 90 seconds rest. 5 laps at 77 second pace. 16 minutes cool down. Felt pretty good during this workout. Hit all goal time and felt pretty comfortable doing it.

Wednesday 8/26: 8 miles in 61 minutes

Thursday 8/27: 13.5 miles in 90 minutes

Ran easy for 30 minutes then started a set of 1 minute pick ups with 1 minute rest. Did 18 pick ups. Felt pretty good.

Friday 8/28: 9 miles in 68 minutes

Easy run. Flew to Miami later that night for a long weekend at Miami Beach.

Saturday 8/29: 20.5 miles in 2 hours 34 minutes

Got up a bit early and went out for a run along Miami Beach with Seth Williams. It was already way hot and humid. Kept Seth as company for the first 8 miles then I was on my own. This run was pretty rough with no protection from the sun. The only thing that saved me was water fountains and showers along the board walk. Got it done....but I was toast at the end. So glad I don't have to run in those conditions at home.

Sunday 8/30: 8 miles in 61 minutes

Started my run with Seth and Heather, they turned back after a few miles. I don't blame them....its way to hot for this running stuff. Struggled through another hot humid run along the board walk. Went out exploring Miami Beach later that night....its a crazy place!

Totals: 81 miles

Another very good week of running, in fact I have actually put together a very good month of running. I just need to keep up the good work. Next "race" will be Run to The Rock on September 12th. This is a small local road race back in my hometown of Plymouth Mass. This will probably be run as some sort of marathon workout.

NOTE: Check out and attend if you can the Atkinson Road Race this Thursday September 3rd. This race will benefit among other great things Mark Kimball, a local runner and teammate of mine who was hit my a car while running on June 10th. Please read this article about his accident and recovery. Please encourage anyone you know to go and race this Thursday in Atkinson NH.